Miracle Still Exist

 A pregnant woman was rushed to one of the popular hospital in our area to be delivered of a baby.

After delivering the baby, The baby was bleeding so much!!, the doctor shouted

"Haaaaaaa, madam!!, We have to rush this child to the theatre room for operation, else this child will leave this world, but the money is #800,000!"

As the husband heard it, He shouted with tears "Doctor, please, please, please!!, I don't have such money, I have used everything to buy things for my baby, But I promise, I will be paying it bit by bit, Please don't let him die"

The doctor said "Never! No!, Pay the money first!, then we start the operation, Final!!!"

The husband was crying very bitterly, the whole hospital was hearing his voice, The wife even had to kneel down to beg, but the doctor said; "Never!!, You even have 3 hours to bring the money else bye to your child"

As the husband was crying, A man rushed to where he was and asked him what's the problem; After narrating it, the man said "Never!, The child must not die, because my wife just delivered her own just now,

So I know the joy of having a baby.....I will pay the money, they must start the operation now!!!"

That is when I knew that miracle still exist.

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