Is This Primary Or Secondary School Teacher?


A teacher entered the classroom, without even saying hello to his students.👨‍🏫

Out of his bag he brought out two packets of GALA and a can of Malt.🍹🥠

He began to deal with the GALA first.🥠😋

When he was done, he opened his can of Malt and started drinking.🍹😋

The students remained calm and watched him intensely.😶👀

It was when he finished drinking that he noticed school inspector sitting at the back of the class.👨‍💼👀

Aware of his mistake🙆‍♂️, he stylishly composed himself and asked the students these questions🗣️

👨‍🏫Teacher🗣️: What did I just do?🙄

Students🗣️: You have eaten 2 packets of GALA.😒😏

Teacher: And after eating what did I do next?😁

Students🗣️: You drank a can of Malt.😒

👨‍🏫Teacher🗣️: That's a very good observation. Now, if a teacher eats and drinks in the presence of school inspector, what does the teacher possess?😐

A student replied🗣️: "COURAGE"😌

👨‍🏫Teacher🗣️: Excellent, my girl! Now everyone, take out your Civic Education notebooks and put the title✍️ "Courage". That's our TOPIC for today's lesson

The inspector fainted!!🙆‍♀️🙆‍♂️

LESSON: Arm yourself with courage to face life's obstacles💟✍️


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