Husband, Wife And Boyfriend

 🥳💯Angels 😇 on earth 💯🥳

A man left home for work. Immediately, his wife brought her boyfriend in and they started having an affair in the bedroom. Just then, her husband returned home to pick some files. Realizing her husband's presence, there was nowhere her boyfriend could hide except to climb unto the ceiling fan.

Her husband entered and noticed that the bed he personally laid before going to work was messed up. He asked his wife about it. She said she was the one who messed it up. 

Her husband started searching for the files but could not find them. He started sweating and on realizing that this might take a while, he turned on the ceiling fan to cool himself while still searching for the files. Meanwhile, his wife's boyfriend was rotating with the ceiling fan, feeling dizzy in the process.W

With time, his wife's boyfriend could no longer bear it. He fell down from the ceiling fan right into the bed. Her husband was shocked.B

Before he could say a word, the naked boyfriend shouted, “We angels in heaven suffer a lot. Even when we are bathing. God still sends us to come and perform miracles on earth.”


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