Guys Always Get Plan

 So Joy  wanted me to get her iPhone 13 for her birthday. Me that I'm using itel a14 oo. 

"If you do not get me that phone, then it's over between us." That statement shock me. 

But as a wisdom boy, I had a plan.

I quickly went to my pal wey de sell phone for challenge, rent the phone for ₦2500 for two days and on the second day, I was presenting the phone to favour as her birthday gift.

She jumped up as she hugged me tightly. "Honey, I'm the first person in my family to use iPhone" she told me.

"Let's celebrate your new phone babe" we went to club. I don pay 1k to the guy that will do the finishing job. 

As we de dance, I don signal to the guy wey go tiff the phone.

He tiff am and we met at check point.

I collect my tin and go return am.

She cried blood but our relationship still de intact thanks to ₦3500 and my wisdom.

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