This Is My Own Wife

A Man Boarded A Taxi Going Home One Evening but Before The Taxi Took Off, He Saw His Wife entering A Lodge With Another Man🤔He Quickly asked The Taxi Driver, "Do You Want To Make 50,000 naira In Few Mins?".😩 The taxi Man Happily Answered, "Of Course Sir, What Do I Do For You?"🙉The Man Said, Here Is A Photo Of My wife, Go Inside That Lodge And Get Me My Stupid wife As You Pull Her By Her Hair😒.... But Few Mins later The Man Was Surprised To See The Taxi Driver drāgging Out A Different Woman From The Lodge😦 Slāpping And Kīcking Her Terrībly And The Woman Was Screāming. 

The Man Shouted At The Taxi driver, " Noo!!! Leave That Woman Alone, She's Not my Wife"😦

The taxi Driver Answered "Relax Sir, This One Is My own wife Hold her For Me While I Go Get Your own wife😂😂

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