Have You Iron The Car.?

 I Can't Stop Laughing 😂😂😂 anytime I remember what happened, when I was 12 years old

My Dad And My Mum Were Watching One American Movie Yesterday Night,,,, When I Heard The Sound From The Movie I Decided To Join Them..

As We're Watching The Movie, A Young Boy Like My Age Started Romancing his Madam's Sister. They Kiss And When The Guy Hand Has Crossed The Girl Private Part,😳 I Look Straight Into My Dad's Eyes 👁️ And I Noticed That My Dad's Eyes Have Change. Then All My Attention Went Straight To The Movie. They Were Still Kissing When They Both Fall Into The Chair Close To Them 😯. I Know Something Is About To Happen And The Guy Was About To Open The Girl Bra..😉When My Dad Look At Me With Hard Eyes And Shouted With A Loud Voice..


"Have You Iron The Car.?

I Shouted Back "Yes Sir. I've Even Put It In The Fridge"

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