Until You Are Married, You Are Single

1. We just got engaged (single)

2. I live with my boyfriend (still single)

3. We have been together for 5years (super single)

4. He had credit in my name (very stupid single)

5. I call his mother and she calls me also (still single)

6. I stay at his place (single)

7. He posts my pictures on social media and uses my pictures
as his dp (first class single)

8. He comes to my house every day (end of discussion single)

9. We have done an introduction and my boyfriend travels abroad
(living in bondage single)

10. All his family knows I’m his future wife  (you can never get sense in life single)

11. we made a blood covenant so he cant leave me (satanically
and demonically single)

12. I have a child with him so technically we are just
waiting to get married (fornicatically single)

13. I have been
cooking for him and he  loves my cooking  ( master chef single)

14. Even a Prophet confirmed it (prophetically single boss)

15. Have a blessed Ripped day 

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