The Lesson Everyone Should Learn and Emulate


At the time of Khalifa Umar bin Khattab, three people came to him dragging a young man with them, and said to him:

Oh, leader of the believers, this man has murdered our father. 

Umar: Why did you kill their father? 

Young man: I'm a guardian. My camel ate from his farm, and their father threw a stone at him and the Camel died. I also took the stone and threw it at him and he also died. 

Umar: Because of this, I will pass judgment (charge you with murder).

Young man: I ask for 3 days before you pass the judgment. My late father left me some wealth and I have a sister to take care of. If you kill me now, the wealth and my sister will have no guardian. 

Umar: Who will stand for your bail? 

Young man: looking into the crowd, he pointed to Abu Dhar. 

Umar: Do you agree to stand for him Abu Dhar? 

Abu Dhar: Na'am (yes) 

Umar: You stand for someone you don't know? If he doesn't return you will receive his penalty. 

Abu Dhar: I accept.

The young man left.

After 2 days, and into the 3rd day there was no sign of him. 

Everyone was scared for Abu Dhar who accepted to receive the death penalty if the man failed to show up. 

Before the time for Maghrib, the boy appeared exhausted in appearance, and stood before Umar bin Khattab. 

Young man:I have handed the wealth and the welfare of my sister to my uncle. I'm now yours. You may pass the penalty. 

In great shock and surprise,

Umar Said: Why did you return after having a chance to escape the penalty? 

Young Man: I was afraid, it will appear that humanity has lost the ability to fulfill promises kept. 

Umar turned and looked at Abu Dhar: Why did you stand for him? 

Abu Dhar: I was afraid, it might appear that humanity has lost the will to do good to others!. 

This scenario pleased the brothers who wanted justice for their father's death and so, said they have forgiven the young man. 

Umar: furiously asked, Why? 

They said: We are afraid, it will appear as though forgiveness has lost place in the heart of humanity!. 

I have also painfully translated this beautiful message and passed it to you, fearing that it might appear as a reminder that doing good has lost its place in humanity.

For Allah's sake, I encourage you to also pass it on, in fear that it might appear spreading goodwill messages has lost place in humanity!.

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