The Black Snake

I was in my room last night when my neighbour started screaming... "Help! Help! Snake! "😳😳🙆

I ran to her room with a strong wood in my hand.

When I dashed into her room, I saw a very big snake facing my neighbour inside her sitting room and other neighbours joined me with their heavy sticks.

We all started shouting, "Today is the end of your life, you evil snake!". I wanted to be a hero that night, so I first of all ran to the snake to hit it with my wood. It turned and faced us with red eyes. Then, I said if I count 1 to 3, we should hit the snake at once which we all agreed. I started counting, 1...2....3 go! Then, Peeeeeeeem! NEPA seized the light and deep darkness covered the room.😂

Omo come and see stampede in the room,😂 the worst part was that none of us remembered where the door was located. My neighbors and I were just jumping haphazardly like reggae dancers on stage because we didn't know whether the snake was close by. Some people climbed chairs while some climbed the center table. Me I found myself on top of the fridge. We were just hitting one another with our sticks thinking it was the snake!😂 If somebody mistakenly touch another person a heavy wood will hit the person with immediate alacrity.😂😂😂

As I was standing on the fridge, few seconds later something soft touched my ankle!😂 Omo I didn't waste time in hitting the thing with my big stick! Immediately I heard cry in the room😂 Somebody was shouting "Jesus! My head oo! Who hit me?" It was then I realized that I had hit a human being.😂 I moved blindly forward to console the person then I mistakenly fell from the fridge and my hand touched something that looked like somebody's kneel! Almost immediately a heavy wood landed on my hand😂 I shouted "Blood of God who hit me? " Papa Emeka shouted "Jesus Alex no vex na me, I think say na the snake touch me.😂😂😂

The Black Snake

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