Pending KYC - Pi Network

The system might not know if you have passed or failed. Allow me to explain. 

It's possible that you failed KYC.

The core team could have stopped there and you would never receive your Pi.
But they didn't. 

The system has been improving ever since it started so the team is assuming that it's a "false negatitve" - and that you have actually passed. Because of this they are building processes enabling eligible pioneers to resubmit their applications with the necessary corrections to ensure that they get it right. This may cause a longer delay than desired but it is better than a complete rejection of your application.
The only thing you need to remember about KYC is that ↓

No true Pioneer will be left behind!

This is not just a catch-phrase, it is the guiding principle of the project and the core team is 100% committed to it. This idea of total inclusivity shapes everything that the CT does during the project's ongoing development.

Remember, the main goal of the KYC process is to let only good actors in while keeping the bad actors out. We're all moving towards the same goal and it will require our patience.

This project's success is reliant on getting Pioneers KYCd and migrated to the mainnet to build the Pi ecosystem. Currently, processing KYC applications and migrating Pioneers to the mainnet are top priority for the CT. 

You can report your KYC issues, including pending applications, using the link below. You likely won't receive a personal response due to the volume of submissions they're receiving but rest assured, they are working diligently to resolve your issue. 

🔗 pinetwork.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/1/group/3/create/12

Note: This information is copied directly from Pi Network General Chat Group.

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Pi Network KYC

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