Change Name on Pi Network

➡️ Review your name and correct if necessary (possible until 14 days after registration on home screen, you have option in Profile Name change.)

➡️ Changing name is not possible after 14 days of registration (this is also mentioned during registration) you can use appeal feature in Profile only for minor corrects) and for KYC only Pi account name is important. Apply in here for name change : 
pinetwork.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/1/create/14 or send email

➡️ Name Change Appeal and KYC can be processed together. So, you may submit both in advance, and then you can wait for them to be processed together. 

➡️ In the KYC app, one should enter the name that matches the ID. If the name is in English on the ID, type the name in English. If the name is in the native language on the ID, type the name in the native language. In the Pi App, the name on the ID has to match one of the two names, either in English or in the native language.

➡️ If someone has changed their name (after getting married or some other reason), they can use a valid ID document that contains the original name, or they can submit an appeal with the Name Update Appeal feature.
Note: This information is copied directly from Pi Network General Chat Group.

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