KYC pending?

▪︎ KYC uploads that are CLEAR and submitted with CORRECT information are normally verified within minutes. 

▪︎ If you have been waiting long, (like some who have been waiting months or more than a year), it can be for some of the following reasons;

1) Submitted a non-listed ID type: It should be a valid government issued ID, or driver's license or international passport. 

2) Indicated an incorrect ID type: For example, you clicked drivers licence, but you used your ID card or passport.

3) Incomplete information: You did not upload both sides of your ID or DL card that had information on it. You entered and mismatched the order of your names from your ID.

4) Wrong Country: You did not indicate the correct country of your ID document. 

5) Account name(s) is not exactly the same as on your ID as required.

6) Blur ID & Unclear Photo was uploaded.

7) Selfie video was unclear or other people were visible with you in the video. 

8) Your KYC is stuck due to some error and in the process of being unstuck by the Core Team. 

9) Policy violations.

10) Name change appeal was submitted.

▪︎ If you are an eligible/true miner with no policy violations, then a resubmit option will be sent to your Pi Browser kyc.pi, no timeline is available at this stage.

▪︎ If your account names are completely different from your ID document, then you will not be able to pass your KYC.

Note: This information is copied directly from Pi Network General Chat Group.

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