Ramadan: The Holy Month

An ibadah that's mesmerizing,

A thirst that's satisfying,

Sahoor to Iftar, both pleasing.

When a heart feels heavyweight of sins

Fasting expiate the sins

Through mercy of God and His forgiveness

Fasting drills the soul of the fast morally

It draws him closer to the Lord spiritually

It teaches morality virtually,

Oh dear month of Ramadan!

Favour us dear Ramadan!

Avail us all the bounties of Ramadan

Dear you, a moment is here

More than silver and gold adhere

To strict worship of thy Lord

A moment of joy is

A time when my soul

And yours will be saved from the hell

Truly it's said, all doors

Of hell are locked, and of

Jannah are widely opened

All devils got chained, for me

And you to enjoy freedom, of

Purity of the soul, dear you, hold onto the Blessings therein.

A door in Jannah called ‘Rayyan’

Is preserved for me and you

And certainly not for a person out of fasting

All worships seem happy

For a moment called for observing them

Not a number or two, but limitless

Show me a time when

A reward stands unlimited,

No any if not in Ramadan

Show me a time when,

A night stands more than

Thousands months, no any if not in Ramadan

Oh dear Ramadan, avail us your bounties,

Allah's servants love the thirst, mouth-

Odour and the body weakness.


© Abu-Ammar

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