Abeg Make One Naira No Comot Inside

 ✍️🤣 LAUGH B4 U SLEEP 👇🤣✍️


WIFE: Hello babe

HUSBAND: Hello Darling, how are you doing?

WIFE: I'm good. How's work?

HUSBAND: Oh! work is going well. You need something?

WIFE: Not really, just called to tell you I love you.

HUSBAND: Oh! that's sweet of you... I love you too. I really do.

WIFE: Alright... byeee

HUSBAND: Bye darling.

Call hangs up☎️😁


WIFE: Hello, darling

HUSBAND: Hello sweetheart. Wetin happen? NEPA don cut light?🙄

WIFE: No, NEPA never come dis area today.

HUSBAND: So wetin come happen? why you call?

WIFE: Nothing, I just wan know how work dey go.

HUSBAND: Sweetheart, I nearly die today.

WIFE: Wetin happen, darling?

HUSBAND: As I dey outside shop this morning, na so bird from nowhere fly come shit on my head. Where I dey find water to clean am, na so I go touch naked wire, electric carry me up seven times come throway me outside. As I dey talk to you now, my eyes dey turn me. I no know wetin I do village people o.

WIFE: Chai, sorry oo🤧

HUSBAND: Na God go save us for dis Nigeria.

WIFE: Darling?


WIFE: I, I, I love you

HUSBAND: goes silent for seconds🙂

WIFE: Hello?

HUSBAND: Still silent

WIFE: Hello? Darling!

HUSBAND: Sweetheart. That money wey dey under DVD no be my own o, I take God beg you.... Make one naira no comot inside. Them use money swear for you?😒😒

Nigerians why always us🤧🤧😹

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