Once There Were Men, But... On International Men's Day 2023

Once there existed fathers

Who were actually farmers

Uneducated, yet in the know

In fields of culture they grow

Taught wisdom by life's strife

Then further, each by his wife.

For that's the true mark of a man.

Each of them was responsible

Bearing arms and the impossible

Seeding, weeding, thereby feeding

The breathing, even while bleeding

Of virtue, of valor, of voyage. Maza!

Who neither run nor fall facing Haza!

Made of unique molds called Tradition.

Fearless of seasons

Men, made of reasons

Head-on they'd storm storms

Markamarka or Jaura in forms

Their hearts never shake or shiver

High on mountains, deep in a river

Hurricanes, tornadoes, come have dinner.

Men were allowed to be men

Fire-fed by their stoking women

Who soon desired to be like them

Instead of raising and praising them

No man of worth dare hits his woman

Though the tougher half of most human

Now, the flare's over, mankind's just a kind.

 Daga Taskar

Malam Muhammad Tajajjini Tijjani
Imel: mmtijjani@gmail.com
Lambar Waya: +234 806 706 2960

A Kiyayi Haƙƙin Mallaka

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