Why KYC May Be Pending For Long - Pi Network

1. Submitting wrong ID: if the ID uploaded is not in the list of ID cards in your region, your kyc will not pass.

2. Incorrect ID choice: If you upload another ID that is different from the ID type selected, though Valid, your kyc will not pass. Eg, you select international passport but uploaded driver's license. Also, always try to capture picture of original document. Zerox won't work, nor photo copy.

3. Incomplete information: Say your ID has two sides of information and  only uploaded one side.  Or any mismatch of data!

4. Name Mismatch: if the name on your ID doesn't tally with the name on your Pi app. Your kyc will not pass. Apply for correction of name. Only minor correction can be accepted.

5. Blur ID & Unclear Photo: if your ID is blur while taking a photograph of it or your face capturing isn't clear enough. Your kyc will not pass.

Watch out for this point when you get opportunity to resubmit your application again and do the right thing.

Note: This information is copied directly from Pi Network General Chat Group.

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