Purity Cleanses The Dirt

There was this curse in my heart 
That spreads against the walls and
Flowed into the veins.
I was engulfed with such sickness 
Of stabbing the core, 
Till I bleed, till I bow and drink 
From the trough of my nemesis.

I saw a physician in a dream, 
A cardiac surgeon 
That fixes the heart with thread and needle,
Intertwine the scars, align the stars
and banish the stitches.

“Don’t you smell the stench 
Of this bleeding heart, 
Don't you know that not a cloud could rain
And not an ocean could flush the earth 
Off of this foul smell.
How could you breathe in this hell
When you are cloaked with a saintly gown?”
I asked.

Through silence I recognize 
The words of wisdom,
By action, I follow the steps of the wise,
Musk is the scent of paradise
And sweet is the taste of honey. 

Before me stands the Doctor,
It was a dream, the kind of needle,
That folds the cleavage, 
I watched how stitches aligned with the stars
And the vanishing of scars.

“Purity cleanses the dirt, 
Colourlessness is the origin of color,
Peace is the origin of war,  
Don't you believe in miracles?”
The Doctor replied.

©️Shaahid Yusuf Ali

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