Migration Update - Pi Network

* Migrations are temporarily paused for necessary system updates/bug fixes as part of the development process. The last migration was on September 20th 2023. There are no set dates for when migrations take place or when they will resume. This is to be expected for a project still in development and is not indicative of any problems so temper your expectations accordingly. 

* Occasional pauses of certain network functions is a necessary evil when building a new network & ecosystem from the ground up.

• Once you complete the mainnet checklist (steps 1-7) you will be put into a queue for migration. Migration is done in batches by the CT. There are no dates for this. 

• Don't worry, your Pi is safe! Please remember, our patience is required while the CT works diligently to update the system so that migrations may resume swiftly. Thank you for your understanding as we work towards our collective goals, including open mainnet. 🙏

• You can view all Pi transactions and migrations on the Pi Blockchain with Pi Block Explorer! In the Pi Browser go to 🔗 pi://blockchain.pi (paste address in your Pi Browser) or visit:

🔗 minepi.com/blockexplorer (in any other browser)

• For info on the Pi Block Explorer see the Pi Wiki info: ↓

🔗 pinetwork.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/1/article/933822465?src=72460040

Note: This information is copied directly from Pi Network General Chat Group.
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