On whose side is God?

There are many false beliefs about Islam in the minds of the Western world.

Why would secularism make peace with Islam and seek solutions and compromises, after it has very easily succeeded in shrinking Christianity and attempted to obliterate it?

A non-believing visitor to an Islamic country can find wine, pork, pornography, and nudity, Government loans at interest, a Christian calendar, and weekend holidays on Saturdays and Sundays. Sooner or later all the world must wear jeans, 👖 eat hamburgers, 🍔 drink Coca-Cola and watch CNN. 

With the increase of more free time comes a decrease in spirituality, which threatens individuality and turns it into a desperate and futile mission. This leads to more crime, drug addiction, overt homosexuality, an increase in the number of divorces, easy access to pornography, and worst of all the rising number of single mothers or fathers. Until today, no one has been able to estimate the magnitude of the loss for this generation that was raised by a single parent.

Nature and progress can never take the place of religion. Nature and advancement do not have the aims, goals, and strong foundation of religion. Technology and progress cannot supply humanity with values that bring them together and protect them.

The general rule is that everything goes unless the religion is Islam. Islam is the only religion that does not get indifference or tolerance from others if you follow it. The reasons for this are various and complicated.

Historically, the reason behind the animosity that Christians have for Islam is their belief that Muhammad SAW was a fake prophet, which is bad enough for Christians. How can one explain the magnitude of the spread of Islam from Hijaz to Constantinople, to India 🇮🇳, and to central France 🇫🇷 and to everywhere in the world? Why can it not be admitted that Islam spread so far simply because it freed people from the hardships of despotic rules such as the Persian, Roman 🇷🇴, and the tyranny of other regions. In other words, they wondered how a handful of uncivilized Arabs were able to overcome empires.

Do not forget that there are countries that have embraced Islam without one Muslim solder entering it, such as Indonesia 🇮🇩, Malaysia 🇲🇾, Thailand 🇹🇭, and the Philippines 🇵🇭, India 🇮🇳 and China 🇨🇳. The number of Muslims in these countries exceeds by far the number of Muslims in the Arab world. The same situation exists in Muslim Africa 🌍 if we exclude regions in North Africa.

After 9/11, it became very easy to blame the Muslims for terrorism. Whether we like it or not, Islam began to be associated with fanaticism, cruelty, intolerance, violence, despotism, breach of human rights, terrorism, and underdevelopment

Year after year in best-selling schoolbooks, the only thing that appears about the historical philosophy of Islam is about Sufi or mystic practices. In all those books, you do not find anything written about true Islam by a Muslim philosopher. They are neglected in spite of the fact that their contributions to history and the sciences were the ones that saved the Greek sciences and philosophies and developed them. Their contributions were also responsible for many future inventions in natural sciences, astronomy, and medicine, which gave birth to the Age of Revival in Europe.

Part of the neglect to mention such great men is attributed to ignorance about the great achievements of Muslim scholars in Spain 🇪🇸 from the 8th - 15th centuries. The reason is very simple: overlooking knowledge about Muslim civilizations is not considered a flaw in education or public enlightenment in Western civilizations.

Another clear issue is the use of double standards in interpreting any violent act. Let us take Western media as an example. Whenever there is a terrorist attack on a target by someone who is not Muslim, the media reports describe the culprit as a fighter or a madman. We never heard such a person described as a Catholic or a communist fanatic. However, if one person from the Muslim region throws a gas bomb, his act is automatically described as an act of a Muslim terrorist even if the culprit is Christian or atheist.

It appears that the antennas of the media are very selective. The media is always ready to accuse Islam of cruelty, horror, and terrorism as if such attributes are part of a Muslim constitution, or as if Islam is a religion that is more violent than any other religion or sect.

When we attribute the crimes of Saddam to Islam, why don't we attribute the crimes of  Hitler to Christians?

Would you like to make an analytical comparison between the amount of bloodshed caused by Muslims and that caused by Christians? Please do and note the difference.

If a Muslim assumes that the values in the Quran are suitable for all ages, no one will take him seriously. The repercussions of this feeling of injustice are very disturbing.

Terrorism! What an invention! It is just an idea. To be more precise, it is just a word, a word that can move mountains. It can mobilize armies, promote goods, reduce unemployment, unite sectors of nations otherwise not united, endorse political parties or candidates, and validate new imperialistic campaigns.

The inventor of this word cannot be one person or institution. Its genius of it requires the combined efforts of people with special skills from various disciplines. You need specialists in political sciences, social sciences, economics, linguistics and especially specialists in the cognition of the human mind.

The idea started with the discovery that it is necessary for people to be afraid of something so that they can be controlled. This was an ingenious discovery! At first, you cannot easily detect the great benefits that can result from that. Fear brings people together. It makes them too frightened to complain, easier to lead, weakens their abilities to evaluate the obvious or notice the discrepancy between slogans and actions, and makes them more willing to obey and give up their freedom.

To achieve all the above, nothing is more effective than a feeling of the fear of death. When our lives or the lives of our children are exposed to threats, we can do anything that is asked of us and overlook the obvious, which we would never have overlooked before this threat.

Politicians and leaders have known for a long time the significance of instilling fear in the hearts of their subjects. Leaders, dictators and democrats have been using this method for a long time. The use this method increased in the 20th century. With the coming of the 21st century, Islam and terrorism became the new source of fest, and the centre of attention for internal and foreign politics.

Notice how successful the choice of the word 'terrorism' was. Unlike words such as 'Communism', 'Capitalism', terrorism does not refer to the source or nature of the danger, it only refers to its results: fear. It does not refer to the reason behind the fear, only its effects. Likewise, if you refer  to someone as a 'terrorist', you do not tell us why we should be afraid of him. You do not say anything about his faith or the reason behind his actions, his personality, or the nature of the act. The only thing you refer to is the result of his act.

I tell you that the choice of the word 'terrorism' was successful precisely for that reason, it is general and without content. That is why it can be used in varying situations with nothing in common except the desire to arouse fear. A terrorist may be from Afghanistan 🇦🇫, Iraq 🇮🇶, or Lebanon 🇱🇧 when it is suitable. He can be an Arab, a Russian 🇷🇺, or Spanish according to which country they wish to frighten.

A terrorist can be one person working under his own initiative, or a political or religious group, or even a whole country working with a certain individual or organisation. A terrorist may be poor and destitute or extremely wealthy. He may be a criminal by nature or a righteous, religious or patriotic fanatic.

These contradictions may appear too difficult even for a mature individual to grasp. The truth is that we exaggerate the logical abilities of even the most intelligent people. We underestimate the ability of our minds to deal with contradictions. We must admit that even the most mature and rational individuals accept such contradictions binders stress. We are predisposed to storing contradictions in our brains and tend to believe what the most basic rules of logic would refuse.

We can deduce that the human brain functions in a different way from how we think it does. The truth is that to be able to convince people of a big lie such as the threat of Islam or terrorism on the most powerful nation in the world and the safety of people everywhere, requires careful plans and procedures.

The simple method for success is repetition. Do not underestimate the power of repetition. If you incessantly repeat that terrorism exists and that most terrorists Muslims, eventually people will believe you. If you hear such phrases without stop, it becomes difficult to deny its existence. The next step would be for you to doubt those who might think that terrorism does not exist. At this point, the burden of proof is turned to those who do not believe that it exists.

One thing that helps you believe a lie is its spread. You will be numbed into believing when the lie reaches you on all different kinds of media. All media appliances work automatically, you would think, therfore it is neutral and not affected by human prejudices and thus more objective.

Another effective method is popularity. Popularity definitely adds to th he creditability of what is said in books 📚, newspapers 🗞, radios 📻, TVs 📺. Report about the lie reach every one in the world at the same time. That is why it becomes easy to believe. How can this item or news thar reaches millions of people of various races and colors be a made up lie? Even if you suspect that it could be a lie, how can all those people believe it is not? How can I be the only one who is right?

There is also the character or status of the instigate of the lie. It is easy to disbelieve someone who appears to be crazy or has a reputation of swindling and fraud. What if the lie comes from a President, a popular politician, a famous man of religion, a unique journalist or a talented writer? What if all those people repeat it incessantly at the same time? First, you read the lie in a small newspaper. Then it is taken up by a major newspaper. The news is then confirmed by a President and a Prime Minister. Then a religious icon repeats it and a famous writer confirms it. This process of repetition and confirmation is repeated time after time for months. How can you not believe it?

Aside from all the factors that make you believe what should not be believed, are the benefits that come with believing great statesmen and supporting them. It is better to go with the flow than resist it. This can explain why so many journalists, commentators and writers cover the news of the hour and what is of interest to the people. It is a sure way to get fame and invitations to interviews on the air to express your opinion about 'terrorism' and its atrocities or analyse psychological reasons behind the act and its social and historical roots.

If you observe the magnitude of the suffering the Muslims in non-Muslim countries have experienced since 9/11, you would be surprised by how widespread the campaign was.

The worst thing about this campaign is how discriminating it was against Muslims. A Muslim is readiky accused without any investigations or even without a crime having been committed simply because the name on the birth certificate is Muslim's. No other evidence is required.

Therefore, it can be deduced that Islam is different from terrorism and that a person can be a Muslim without necessarily being a criminal.

In addition, if an accused Muslim dares protest or reply to this unjust accusation he is rained with insult and scorn. To them, a Muslim is always guilty until proven innocent!

Any terrorist attack on  a large scale requires a lot of financial, organizational and strategic, which can never be done without aid from a foreign partner.

Graham Fuller (former Assistant Director of the National Bureau of Investigation of the CIA) said in an article published in a foreign affairs magazine in Jan/Feb. 2008 issue under the title 'A World Without Islam': "According to the European Interpol, there were 498 terrorists' attacks in Europe in 2006. Of those, 424 were committed by insurgent groups, 55 by extreme leftists, 18 by various terrorists and only one attack was by a Muslim, which is less than 1%.


Source: CIPACRE, Sokoto

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