Nkechi Has Carried The Pot

 A very Rích Guy Tóld Me that he Likés me and wants to get Márried to me. I was Blúshing That Finálly a Bétter Person has cóme to my life😘😋🥺 ; But it seems that the Guy hátes Seeing Póor péople around, so I décided to Páckage Myself as A Rích girl.😔😋

The guy, Frank, finally said he's Visíting My House today, So I quickly told my Uncle to Allôw me úse His House, because my House was nót that Goód🥺, Which he Allówed. When Frank Came with his Car, We húgged ourselves, he Said he has míssed me.🙈😌 

As We were Enjóying our conversation and Gísting, My Brother, Emeka, Just Rán from No whére, And came to my Uncle house shóuting "Favór!, Favor!!!," 

I was shócked seeing Him😳  "Eméka, Emmm, what are doing Here??" 😒😒

"Fávor, Thank God I met You on Timé ooo, The Jôllof Pot That you told me that you want to Scrátch, Nkechi has already cárried it oo, And Mummy also said you should cóme and Wrap Fufú  to séll for her!!" 😳😳😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂

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