The artistic values in the poem "Majnoon Al-Arabiya": A literary analytical study

This article is published by the Zamfara International Journal of Humanities (ZAMIJOH).

Murtala Abubakar*1 Sanusi Abubakar*2

1, 2 Department of Arabic, Federal University, Gusau

The artistic value is a beautiful integrated characteristic that makes a thing desirable, and it is called the special qualities of the thing that make it worthy of consideration and appreciation. It is a philosophical term that resonates between the material and the tangible, and between ambiguity and clarity, but the artistic value appears in the elements of the artwork such as lines, colors, light, and others. As for the normative artistic value in the literary work, it lies in the words, meanings, structure and content, as it is not possible to taste literary work, whether prose or poetry, unless the four criteria are integrated in the text. Each poet and writer have his own style of highlighting the values of his artistic work to an extent that makes that work desirable. The main objective of this article is to trace the poem "Majnoon Al Arabiya" by the poet Dr. Abubakar Adamu Masama, in terms of splendor and artistic beauty, depending on the literary and artistic criteria mentioned in reliable sources and references. The truth is that this research is of the nature of reliance on the two approaches; The descriptive analytical approach, and the critical approach, in order to discover the artistic values in the poem, and to highlight the poet's artistic role, and his artistic prowess in distributing those values, and their good use in the poem. The research contained the following points: Brief introduction to the poet, View the poem, Artistic values in the poem, The conclusion, which contained the most important findings of the research.

Keywords: artistic values, poetry, Masama, Nigeria

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