Introduction to Pi Network

Pi is a new cryptocurrency for and by everyday people that you can “mine” (or earn) from your phone. You are earning free Pi while this project is being developed. Currently we are in Enclosed Mainnet, mass KYC is being rolled out and migration of Pi accounts to mainnet have started. Please prepare and go through the below checklist.

❗ Please note: Pi policy is 1 person = 1 account = 1 device = 1 node.

✔️ To earn Pi, check in every 24 hours and hit the lightning button on home page of Pi app.

✔️ Review your name and correct if necessary (possible until 14 days after registration on home screen, after that you can use appeal feature in Profile for minor corrects)

✔️ Verify your Pi account with phone number and/or facebook

✔️ Setup your Security Circle once Contributor role is unlocked after 3 mining sessions

✔️ Invite others to help grow the community (Referral team)

✔️ Generate your Pi wallet in the Pi Browser app, and test it in Wallet testing chatroom

✔️ Prepare your valid ID for KYC (accepted ID's vary accross countries, common ones are Passport, Driver License, National ID card)

✔️ Check out the Mainnet feature in your Profile: confirm the Lockup settings for your transferable Pi balance and confirm your Pi wallet

✔️ Submit KYC application: wait for KYC invite or check in Pi Browser > kyc.pi every now and then

✔️ Passed KYC? Read and sign step 7 in Mainnet checklist so your transferable Pi can migrate to your mainnet wallet.

✔️ When your Pi migrated to your Mainnet wallet, and after the 14-day pending period: in your Pi wallet move the unlocked balance to Available Balance.

✔️ Inform yourself by reading all info in Pi app Menu + Mods FAQ at top of chatrooms

Note: This information is copied directly from Pi Network General Chat Group.

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