My Name Is My Name

  Mr Chairman,

Accurate Time Keeper,

Impartial Panel of Judges,

My Able Friends,

Fellow Co-Debator 

All protocols duly observed.

My name is my name 🤣and I am here to propose the motion that states: "Nobody Senior Another Person For This Life, Life Na Turn By Turn" with the following reasons:

1. Dem first born you no mean say na you go first die.

2. If you first me touch ceiling because you tall, I go first you to pick stone for ground because I near ground pass you.

3. You fit first me enter SS1 and I fit first you enter University.

4. My jeep fit stop for road while your Beetle fit carry you dey go your house.

5. Girl wey marry last year fit born pikin before woman wey marry 10 years ago.

6. Small boy wey just finish school fit begin work before chairman wey do NYSC 2015.

7. If aeroplane engine knock, both person wey dey first class and the one for economy, na the same God dem go call. 

8. Na Oga dey pay driver, but AC dey first blow driver before e reach oga for back.

9. Person wey dey healthy fit die before person wey dey sick.

10. You dey stay upstairs no mean say you near God pass.

11. You help me today, no mean say, I no fit help you tomorrow.

12. When you see me na when i see you.

13.you first me enter school,no mean say u go first me succeed

14. Mr time keeper, as you want to ring that bell, may your time in this world not be over.

I hope with these few points of mine, I have been able to convince and not confuse you that "Nobody Senior Another Person For This Life. Life na just turn by turn"!🥳😜

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