Women Are Terrible

My wife wanted to go and make her hair at night. She asked me to follow her. I was watching a football match, Chelsea was playing and  I told her to leave it till tomorrow.

She refused, she said she has to make it this night so she can rock it to church the next day. I then told her to go alone except if she can wait for the match to finish.

She said by then the salon would have closed so I have to go with her now.

I said impossible, there's nothing on this planet that can make me leave this match, my own Chelsea football team are playing and you want me to leave them alone, mba!

She looked at me and walked out quietly

Something didn't feel right, I had the urge to accompany her but Chelsea was losing, and I had to watch and cheer them to victory

Few minutes later, my wife sent a message on WhatsApp telling me that a man was harassing her in the salon.

She said he was touching her face and next thing he touched her b.rea.sts and even tried to suck them.

Like a Lion, I jumped down from the couch, looked around for my shirt which was on the couch before but I couldn't find it so I just rushed outside in my boxers only.

The salon is directly opposite my compound. I pushed the gate open and rushed over to the salon. I almost collided into one of the girls working there.

"Where's he? Where's the ani.m.al honey, are you okay?" I barked.

My wife was sitting down and holding a baby, the 9 months old son of Joy, the hairdresser and owner of the salon. Everyone was looking at me and smiling.

"What's happening, why are you all smiling, where is the bastard!" I thundered.

"Here's the man, honey, it's Joy's baby o, your rival. He has been harassing me since." I was shocked.

"I thought you said nothing on this planet will make you leave the match, take your shirt and sit down with me, I'm almost done."

She handed my shirt to me, the one I was looking for earlier before dashing out half naked.

All the girls in the salon started awwwing and saying, God when o... See love, he even came out without clothes sef like you said he will.

I just sat down and was looking at them and breathing fast before she passed the baby to me to carry for her.

Fear women.

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