Murderer's List


A Drunk 18yrs old boy asked a married woman out.

The woman got pissed off and told her husband the scenario.

The husband told the woman to invite the boy over so that he could beat the hell out of him.

The husband told His Wife that he would hide under the bed and wait for the boy.

The woman did as her hubby requested.

When the boy got there he kissed the woman and took off his T-shirt and his body was full of scars so the woman asked

"why so many scars??".

The boy replied "I like to lay with married women and usually I get caught so I kill their husbands.

If someone shows up now he'll be No. 20 on my murder list".

The boy continued kissing the woman & then woman tried to reach out to her husband (Raymond)

under the bed & a small voice came up and say "If u tell him am here, I swear I'll kill u before he kills me.😂😂😂

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