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Sabon Birnin Gobir Town: Towards Understanding the Resilience Traces of the Defunct Gobir Kingdom
Gobirawa in the Diaspora: The Legacies of Mallam Muhammadu Ajeigbe Gobir the First Wazirin Ilorin, 1902-1960
History of Radical Politics in Sabon-Birni District of Sokoto: An Insight into NEPU Activities
Traditional Agricultural Practices and Development In Pre- and Post-Colonial Times In Gobir: Imperative for Modernization
Gobir under British Rule: A Study of the Establishment of Colonial Administration in Sabon Birni District, 1903-1960
Inter-State Royal Marriages Between Gobir And Sokoto Sultanate: A Study In Social Diplomacy
Dynamics of Gobirawa-Yoruba Relations in Sokoto City
Archaeological Discoveries in Alkalawa, the Former Capital City of Gobir Kingdom