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Department of Nigerian Languages
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Department of Educational Foundations
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Since the early ages of modern socialization amongst the Hausas, i.e. learning to read and write, poetry had been a good instrument used in educating, enlightening, orienting and passing
across important messages among host of related others. Most of the early Hausa poet were knowledgeable, who had sound experience of the national affairs. They were also critical thinkers, so skeptical about the present and zealous of foreshadowing the future. They sometimes warned humanity on the dangers they forecasted, urging individual to change attitudes for better. Against this background, this paper traces a number prophesies made by some Hausa poets, which have turned realistic. The poet forecasts some disastrous outcomes to loom Northern Nigeria, shall the Northerners dare not to cease certain attitudes and or practices. This paper traces the instances of such prophesies made by poets, which are obviously realistic today. The study is limited to three selected poems viz: AJM, TSW and MAHRƘW. However, the study found that, a number of prophesies made by the selected Hausa poets in forms of warning and or alarms have been realized. Finally, the paper tabled some suggestion among which one is, that reading and listening to poems should aimed beyond mere passion of its tranquil nature. There teachings should rather be carefully studies and fittingly utilized.

Keywords: Northern Nigeria, Hausa, Poets, Poems, Prophesy

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