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How To Revive And Save A Phone If It Falls Into Water

  White smartphone mockup fall in water, 3d rendering. Mobile smart phone with touch screen mockup sinks under liquid surface. Electronic waterproof cellphone falling and dive with splashes. Stock Photo - 81307062

Phones usually slip out of our
hands or pockets dropping on
the ground, wet floor or even
in a bowl of water from time
to time or you could decide to
jump in the pool forgetting that your mobile phone is still
in your pocket. There is still hope that the
phone is not totally damaged.
Try out these tips immediately
you remove the phone from
water, it wouldn't cost you a
dime. Steps To Revive a Wet Phone.

1. Do not turn back on your
phone right away (keep it off
until you know it's totally dry
or if phone is still on
immediately take off the
2. Remove all peripherals from
the device (back cover, case,
battery, headphones and any
other removable gadget)
3. Use a vacuum (vacuum
round the device. Try to get as
much of the water out of it as
4. Use a substance with a high
affinity for drawing out
moisture (An inexpensive
option is to place the phone in
a bowl or bag of uncooked rice
or desiccant "usually found with new shoes" for at least
24hrs or just cover the phone
in towels)

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